Versions and features

Binary Gates FHE
Symmetric encryption
Public key encryption-
Leveled mode LHE--
Multibit Arithmetic--
Circuit bootstrapping FHE--

Current version: 1.0

The first version of TFHE supports symmetric encryption, decryption, and evaluation of a boolean circuit in Gate bootstrapping mode only (one bootstrapping per binary gate), and in single threaded mode.

Every binary gate is supported: And, Or, Nand, Nor, Xor, XNor, …, as well as the Mux gate.

The current throughput of the library is one binary gate every 13ms, independently of the nature of the gate.

Future version: 1.5 (expected: Oktober 2017)

Version 1.5 will support multithreaded execution (pthread, openMP). It should also support public key encryption

Future version 2.0 (expected: 2018)

Version 2.0 should support both bootstrapped (FHE) and leveled (LHE) execution, as well as ciphertext packing, and circuit bootstrapping.

The new features and optimizations are described in [CGGI17]


[CGGI17]: I. Chillotti, N. Gama, M. Georgieva, and M. Izabachène. Improving TFHE: faster packed homomorphic operations and efficient circuit bootstrapping. Cryptology ePrint Archive, report 2017/430.